Celebrating open source in Nigeria with Hacktoberfest

It’s Hacktoberfest season yet again. A month long celebration of open source when many members of the community dedicate their time and resources to not only making meaningful contributions to open source projects that impact our lives, but also onboarding new people trying to break into open source.

If this is your first time finding out about Hacktoberfest, check out hacktoberfest.com, or read this article I wrote recently on how to get started with Hacktoberfest.

My journey into open source started a few years ago, when I wanted to throw myself in new projects to learn and find an opportunity to contribute to the global development community.

That eventually led to me collating a repository of amazing open source projects by my fellow Nigerians - madeinnigeria.dev.

This project is still alive today simply because of fellow open source contributors that continue to support and update this repository.

The Celebration

To celebrate Hacktoberfest and open source in the Nigerian community, I would love to showcase some of these projects, especially the ones actively accepting contributions. The goal is to have a recorded video chat with the creator(s) of the project, their experiences, and also the kind of contributions they are looking forward to.

If this is you, please reach out to me on Twitter let’s set something up.


Happy contributing! 🎉