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Adewale Abati

Hi! I'm Adewale Abati a.k.a Ace. A Web Developer (PHP, JS, ...Web), Developer Advocate, Open Sourcer, Tech YouTuber and Gamer.
Currently Acing Shii things up as Developer Advocate at Flutterwave - bringing amazing payment solutions and innovations to developers all over the world!

Quick Tip - CSS position absolute vs fixed

Positioning in CSS can be a tricky business. A common issue however is between deciding to use position:fixed or position:absolute. Here's a tip to help with that.


A short guide to constructive criticism

People try out new things everyday, they experiment, or sometimes just go about their daily jobs. For a lot of things, there's always room for improvement, and it's up to people to provide feedback when necessary to help the person in question improve.


On a wavy level - Why Flutterwave?

I recently joined Flutterwave as a Developer Advocate - Here's a little bit about the journey, what it means and what's in store.


My Development Platforms and Tools

Here are some of the tools, technologies and platforms that I use to deploy and share apps that I build.


Getting started with Laravel Telescope - what can it do for you?

When building web applications, it is almost impossible to avoid encountering bugs. You want to have an idea of everything going on in your application, how and when they happen. Having access to this information gives you a lot more control in narrowing down bugs and identifying opportunities to improve your application.


Basic tips for technical writing

Technical writing is any form of writing that helps break down technical tools, practices, opinions and ideas. It has rapidly become a valuable skill at all levels for anyone in a tech related career, developers and even designers. Here are a couple things you should keep in mind and attempt to get used to as much as possible.


5 Web Project ideas to test your new coding skills

So you've picked up that new web language or framework and you probably believe you've exhausted the documentation but don't know what next to do or build with it. I have had a couple people ask me about this and one too many times these projects elude me at that moment.


How to Use Linear Gradient with Images

linear-gradient() is a CSS function that creates an image containing a transition between two or more colors in a straight line. It's the most common type of gradient in web design.


How to Implement a Custom 404 Not Found Error Page with React Router

While navigating websites, a 404 error occurs when you try to reach a page that does not exist. When working with websites with dynamic routes like with React, you can end up with a page that’s not properly rendered or a complete error page that isn’t very friendly.

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Welcome to Ace

A lot of people ask me what Ace means. According to multiple dictionaries, Ace means a person that is very good, or someone who excels at a particular sport or other activity...