Ace is officially an Auth0 Ambassador

I've always found ambassador programs as volunteer programs in which one is presented a platform to learn and have access to certain resources that they can use to grow through sharing with, and empowering other people with these resources.

I've also been on the other side of an ambassador program as it provides a high quality outlet for companies and products to not only connect with the larger developer community but also get actionable feedback that can be used to grow the product and subsequently benefit it's users.

I was a Microsoft and Firefox Student ambassador while I was in the University, ran the Ingressive Campus Ambassador program and now excited to share that I am now an Auth0 ambassador.

Why Auth0

From the website, Auth0 is an easy to implement, adaptable authentication and authorization platform. Keyword for me there was easy, authentication and authorization. As someone who's done a lot of work across different aspects of the web, I have only done just as much authentication and authorization work as absolutely necessary because it can be a pain.

I have also come across multiple developers who struggle with and mix up the concept of authentication vs authorization as a whole. My goal as an ambassador here is to continue to do the regular things I already do in the community, but taking advantage of the experts and resources now available to me to grow domain knowledge and contribute to making these concepts more accessible for developers building on the web.

I recently just moved to Europe so I'll be thrilled to speak at your meetup, conferences or livestreams about Auth0 and security on the web.

Excited for the future. ♠️