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A look into Open Source in Nigeria - Made in Nigeria Projects

Using a listing of open source projects built by Nigerians for the world over the years with hundreds of projects which provides an insight into the current state of open source in Nigeria, this talk is going to go over some data insights that we can get from this list and what we can do about it.

This talk would go over the demographics of contributors, languages, types of projects and also people actively building stuff. It’d also shed some light on areas that we need to take note of including inclusion in open source.

Open Source Festival
February 21, 2020. Lagos, Nigeria

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Building REST APIs that don't suck for modern day SPAs

Front end applications have become increasingly powerful over the years and there’s been a shift in the approach of application architecture. As more single page frontend applications are being built, there is even more reliance on an API to power the logic of the entire application.

This talk would cover the common practices, guidelines and tips to building a REST API that can be secure and easily accessible for Single Page Applications. We'd be going over using the right status codes, structure of endpoints and much more.

March 21, 2019. Webinar

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Making Create React App your best Friend

React Summit.
October 20, 2018. Lagos, Nigeria

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Making your first Code Contribution

Open Source Contribution <zero - Hero/>; Open Source Community Africa.
June 16, 2018. Lagos, Nigeria


Open source - An enabler for the next billion users

forLoop Lagos
September 30, 2017. Lagos, Nigeria

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Building World Class Apps With Open Source - Gathered

Google Developer Group Lagos' Developer Conference.
July 28, 2017. Lagos, Nigeria

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Gathered for Meetups - Open Source App

Google I/O Extended 2017 Lagos.
June 17, 2017. Lagos, Nigeria

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Practical Approach To Contributing To Open Source

ForLoop Ibadan.
Kwara, Nigeria


Finding Your Place

Tech Square, ICS faculty, University of Ilorin.
Kwara, Nigeria