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About Ace

My parents named me Abati Adewale but everyone calls me AceKYD. Outside work, I do many things for fun and the passion. If I'm not coding away at a project, I'm most likely gaming. On few occassions, I'd be out to see a movie. In my free time I play basketball and I just recently picked up photography. 🕺

Writes on Medium
John Doe

I write.

Medium is where I write not so technical articles. Mostly centered around my thoughts, community building, adventures and whatever might inspire me at some point. 😀

Made in Nigeria Tech Podcast
Jane Helf

I've tried podcasting.

I took my shot at audio a while ago, talking about exciting products and community growth across the Nigerian tech scene. The podcast was called the Made in Nigeria Tech Podcast.

Video Tutorials
Joshua Insanus

Now I vlog.

I now do a lot of things on my YouTube channel, one of which is breaking down complex concepts in short tutorials all in video to developers and techies. I call it DevLogic.

My Talks

I'm passionate about giving talks on Open Source, Web Development, Community building and pretty much everything that interests me. 🗣️

Building World Class Apps With Open Source - Gathered
Google Developer Group Lagos' Developer Conference.

Lagos, Nigeria.

Gathered for Meetups - Open Source App
Google I/O Extended 2017 Lagos.

Lagos, Nigeria.

Practical Approach To Contributing To Open Source
ForLoop Ibadan.

Ibadan, Nigeria.

Finding Your Place
Tech Square, ICS faculty, University of Ilorin.

Kwara, Nigeria.

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